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Whelped:  March 22, 2016

Mabel Rose is our black girl entrusted to us by Nancy Brandow of Labradors of Cedarwood in Maine. Mabel is co-owned and resides with friends. She comes to visit and join the Wilann Family frequently. All the Wilann girls get along beautifully, exactly how Labrador temperaments should be!

She comes from strong show and hunt lines with a Champion for her Sire and a Master Hunter on her Dam’s side. At the young age of two months we introduced Mabel to a duck. She proudly trotted around dragging the duck with its wing in her mouth. In July 2017 Mabel passed a challenging Working Certificate Test earning the right to have WC follow her name.

Mabel earned her Conformation Certificate in July of 2017. In May 2017 Mabel passed the requirements to earn her Trick Novice Title! She became a Canine Good Citizen in July of 2017. Mabel had a memorable 2017!

2019 was another good year for Mabel. She had her first litter, blessing us with 6 beautiful puppies. She then furthered her success in the show ring by becoming a UKC Champion. Great job Team Mabel!

However her owner’s true desire is to bring Mabel into Therapy work. With such a lovely, friendly temperament I have no doubt that Mabel will be a wonderful Therapy Dog.

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Mabel's's Pedigree

Mabel Pedigree


Health Clearances

HIPS                 - Good, LR-232822G24F-VPI
ELBOWS           - Normal, LR-EL83194F24-VPI
EYES                 - Normal, LR-EYE15230/17F-VPI (9/17/17)
CARDIAC           - ECHO Normal, Cardiologist LR-ACA892/13F-VPI
EIC                     - Clear, LR-EIC4526/25F-VPI
CNM                   - Clear, LR-CNM2024/25F-VPI
OPTIGEN PRA    - Clear, LR-PRA1939/26F-VPI
HNPK                   - Clear, LR-HNP602/25F-VPI
D LOCUS            - DD (Cannot produce silver), LR-DL1034/25F-VPI
Long Coat Gene:   - Clear

Colors: Black carries yellow EeBB

Mabel Mabel Body Mabel Head

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