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You have purchased a Labrador puppy from Wilann Labradors. You have been given a folder containing medical records, microchip information, pedigrees, and pictures. You also received an educational packet containing training and health articles. Please read all the information given to you.

I require that you take your puppy and medical records to your veterinarian within three days of receiving your puppy. If your puppy is diagnosed during this exam with any diseases or medical problems which the puppy buyer had not previously been aware (and that are not easily treatable), Wilann Labradors will reimburse the full purchase price of the puppy upon complete examination by Wilann Labradors' veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. Request for reimbursement must be made within 24 hours of the exam. A full written report from your veterinarian and return of the puppy is required. Refunds will only be made after the above exams and returns are completed. This guarantee is invalid if no exam is done or if Wilann Labradors is not informed of any diagnosis of an existing medical condition within three days of receiving your puppy. Puppy buyer agrees to accept full responsibility for all medical bills while this puppy is in their possession.

Hip and Elbow Agreement

Wilann Labradors guarantees that your puppy will OFA (both hips and elbows) at 2 years of age. You must follow the guidelines stated in this contract in order for this agreement to be honored.

If your puppy is found to be dysplastic, upon return of the dog you have the right to a replacement puppy. The replacement puppy will be of equal or better quality out of the next available litter. If you choose to keep the dog, you have the right to a replacement puppy at 3/4 the selling price of the next litter. If no litter is available, you may return the dog for a refund of the original selling price. Should you choose to keep the dog, 1/2 the original selling price will be refunded.

In order to receive your replacement or refund, the affected dog must be spayed or neutered.

The following stipulations must be followed:

  1. Feed a high quality food. There are several on the market. A high quality food’s first ingredient(s) must be meat and/or meat meal. By-product meal is never considered a high quality first ingredient. In general, puppies should not be on puppy dog food for their entire first year, therefore the buyer is encouraged to check with their veterinarian about when to switch to adult dog food.

  2. Never give calcium supplements. These can create abnormal bone growth.

  3. Never over feed your puppy. . It is better to have a thin puppy than a fat one. A fat puppy puts too much strain on its joints.

  4. Spay or Neuter must be delayed to the later of female’s first heat or one year of age.

In order to honor this guarantee, you must x-ray the dog at 2 years of age. These x-rays must go to OFA for official reading and the information sent to me regarding the results. Photos must be taken of the dog within 3 days (either before or after) of the x-rays. There needs to be one side view and one view from the top and these photos need to be sent to Wilann Labradors.

You have a 6-month grace period in which to get this done. If the dog does not OFA, send a disk with the x-rays to me along with the required photos of the dog. If the x-rays do not OFA, the official results must be sent to Wilann Labradors.

Along with the x-rays, copies of your veterinarian records indicating growth (weight along with dates), nutrition, and any injuries sustained during the dog's life must also be submitted. A statement must be received from your veterinarian noting that he/she has no knowledge of any injuries to this Labrador which may have contributed to the dysplasia. These will be reviewed by Wilann Labradors along with my veterinarian to determine that the dog had appropriate growth during its maturation and that no injuries or activities could have contributed to the dysplasia. Should Wilann Labradors' veterinarian determine that weight gain (or lack of), nutrition or injuries noted may have contributed to the dysplasia, the guarantee will be void.

This form will be reviewed and signed when transferring puppy ownership.

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