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Annmarie Wilson
6 Dara Lane
Suffield, CT 06078
(860) 668-4908

Sire x Dam

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You have purchased a Labrador puppy from Wilann Labradors. You have been given a folder containing medical records, microchip information, pedigrees, and pictures. You also received an educational packet containing training and health articles. Please read all the information given to you.

I require that you take your puppy and medical record to your veterinarian within 3 days for the puppy's initial check up. The buyer will arrange future veterinary care. This includes all vaccines and boosters, worming and fecal lab tests, monthly heartworm and flea/tick protection, and routine conditions, including illnesses and injuries, along with care for such events as diarrhea, ear/eye infections, hot spots, and cuts/abrasions. All costs associated with this care are the responsibility of the buyer.

This puppy is being sold as a companion/pet with no guarantee of showing or breeding quality. All pups must be spayed or neutered. This puppy is sold with AKC Limited Registration. Limited Registration prohibits participation in AKC Conformation events and breeding of said puppy but does not limit participation in other AKC related activites (Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Hunt Tests, etc.).

If, for any reason during this dog's life you cannot keep it, you must notify and allow Wilann Labradors right of first refusal. If the pup is returned, please provide all paperwork. There is no refund of original purchase price or dog care expenses incurred by buyer, however I will insure appropriate placement of said dog. There is no charge for this service but I do require you sign over the AKC registration, revise the microchip contact to my information and provide me with all medical records. You must not give the dog to a pound, humane society, or rescue and you must not sell the dog for research purposes.

Creating a name for your puppy is your choice, however I require the registered name begin with Wilann's. Please contact me with the name you have chosen.

The buyer will attend a Puppy Kindergarten or Dog 1 class with this puppy. Puppy Kindergarten is only available when the puppy is four months or younger so please check class availability and register early. I also require you attend a second class of your choosing during the dog's first year. Training classes afford you experienced training advice and are another means of socializing your dog.

The buyer is expected to socialize this puppy. This includes the above training classes, attending outdoor activities with the puppy, introducing the puppy to other dogs, children and adults in a safe, relaxing way. Please read the information provided on puppy socialization. A well socialized dog is a safer, happier pet.

You have bought a sporting dog. This puppy requires exercise. I have provided you with information regarding appropriate exercise as your puppy matures. Destructive behavior develops in bored dogs. Training classes as well as walks and retrieving games will exercise your puppy's brain and body. These activities also develop a strong bond between you and your dog.

You must have a plan to ensure this puppy is safe. If you do not have a physical fence, you need to have a plan to ensure the puppy is safe when outdoors. Do not allow the dog outside a secured area without a leash until a reliable recall is established.

The buyer will crate train this puppy. A small crate has been supplied to you with the purchase of your puppy. You will need to purchase a larger crate soon. Please read the information supplied on crate training. Crate training offers you and your new puppy a break and keeps your puppy safe when you cannot monitor it.

Your puppy has been micro-chipped. Please read the information provided. When sending in the application changing the name and address to yours, the buyer will include my name and address on the form as an alternate contact.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have at any time during your new dog's life. I am always happy to answer any questions and enjoy hearing how my pups are doing.

This form will be reviewed and signed at the time of onwership transfer.

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