Wilann Labradors


* Veterinarian
* Crate large enough for your growing Labrador
* Soft bedding for crate
* Healthy Puppy Food such as Purina Pro Plan, Innova, Wellness
* Water and food bowls (stainless steel is best)
* Collar and Leash
* Enclosed area outside for puppy to relieve itself
* Chew toys - Kong, Nylabone, small marrow bones from grocer
* Play toys - balls, plush squeak toys, rubber squeak toys
* Puppy treats - healthy and low calorie
* Plain yogurt - to entice new puppy to eat or help with diarrhea
* Nail clippers
* Brush to groom your puppy
* Check and secure electrical cords/poisons
* Read up on plant and food poisons for dogs
* Gates to limit new puppy's area to roam
* Odor and stain eliminator for occasional accidents
* Bitter Apple or other product to discourage chewing
* Pooper scooper and area or bucket to dispose of eliminations
* Explore training facilities
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